March 25, 2014Makana DumlaoWorkNo Comments

Client: ET Foundation- International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Date: March 2014 Goal: Design a product around an innovative use of an aluminum extrusion. Celebrate the unique qualities and capabilities of aluminum and the extrusion process. Applications: SolidWorks, KeyShot, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign Equipment: MacBook Pro, iPad Mini

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Etsy- SimpleSkin

May 4, 2013Makana DumlaoWorkNo Comments

Date: Spring 2012 – Fall 2013 Goal: Design, produce, market and sell iPhone Skins. Applications: Aperture, CorelDRAW,, Illustrator, Paypal, Photoshop, Twitter Equipment: MacBook Pro, Coffee, Helix Epilog Laser, Nikon D50

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Raleigh City Farm- Signage

May 3, 2013Makana DumlaoWorkNo Comments

Client: Raleigh City Farm Date: March 2013 Goal: Create reusable signage to explain the mission of Raleigh City Farm. Signs are 22″ x 30″ printed on vinyl. Client requested social media icons while a QR code links to the RCF’s website. Applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, QR Code Generator (web-based) Equipment: MacBook Pro, iPad Mini

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TMUG- Branding

June 4, 2012Makana DumlaoWorkNo Comments

Client: Triangle Macintosh Users Group Date: July, 2011 Uses: Web & Print Goal: Redefine the public image of TMUG. This includes redesigning their existing logo, website, and creating a forum. Applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, bbPress, WordPress

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