Careify, Inc.

Founder & CEO

Careify, Inc. was a home health technology company with a new method for electronic visit verification. Careify, Inc. was acquired in 2018 by Public Consulting Group. Post acquisition, I led the redesign and expansion of the product line to include a case management system and incident management system. 

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Created Company
  • Secured Angel Investment
  • Performed Market Research & Industry Analysis


  • Defined Vision & Roadmap
  • Led Product Development
  • Multiple Hats (Design, Marketing, Finance, etc.)
  • Guided Successful Acquisition


  • Led Redesign & Product Line Expansion
  • Drafted RFP Responses
  • Multiple Hats (Designer, Business Analysts, Consultant, Product Owner, SCRUM Master, Delivery Manager, Technical Product Manager, etc.)