First Impressions

“Welcome.” In the English language this is probably the most common way to set a verbal first impression. The importance of first impressions is often over looked. We often lose touch with how we come across. Always remember: a first impression sets the tone of an interaction or establishes feelings about a particular person, object or brand. Further, a positive first impression sets the stage for a positive experience.

I currently work in retail. In this environment, first impressions foreshadow the outcome of an interaction. 95% of the time it works like this:

Positive 1st Impression = Desired Result (the sell)

In retail or in life, first impressions are one of the most powerful tools for success– the desired result. Basically, what this amounts to is the need for structuring first impressions. So the question becomes, ‘How do we insure positive first impressions?’

Be forewarned: This will not happen overnight.

Insuring positive first impressions begins with recognizing your already making impressions (conscious or not). The next step is to evaluate your desired effect and relate this to how your staging your impression. Finally, take action. Ultimately, your goal should be to create meaningful and remarkable relationships.

As a first blog post, ‘How did I do?’ What is your first impression?